Fall 2014 – Spring 2015 Catalog

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Affirm $15.00

HT - 3-5', P, by McMillan, Thomas

A great exhibition rose from Thomas McMillan that was previously called Mc Millian's Pink. Lots of petals with a bloom shape of Uncle Joe. My plants were budded from Tom's original bushes and are virus free.

Alice Hart Sold Out

HT, Red, by Desameo, Louis

New from Louis Desamero, a cross of Gemini X Ronald Regan Photo courtesy: Baldo Villegas

Arctic Circle Sold Out

HT 4-6', White, by Eddie Edwards

New - Long Stems,large blooms of very good show form!

Betty Curry Sold Out

HT - 4-6', R, by Brian Schofield


Cajun Moon Sold Out

HT, w, by Carruth, Tom

This sport of Moonstone is a great addition to the exhibitors arsenal. Very high pointed centers on upright stems that have few thorns. Photo courtesy of Dee Choi

Cajun Sunrise Sold Out

HT - 3-5', W, by Edwards, Eddie

New! Large blooms of white and pink. A real beauty from Eddie destined for the show table.

Dancing Pink $15.00

FL - Height: 4', pink, by Bill Henson - UK

New from England, this lovely Floribunda produces fabulous large sprays, a winner at the recent National in San Diego by Bob Martin. Can't think of a better Floribunda out there!

Dona Martin - New Sold Out

Ht, pink - light, by Robert Martin - Sport of Randy Scott

This lovely new sport from Robert Martin, great form and lovely light pink coloration.

Dr. John Dickman Sold Out

MF, Mauve, by Bridges

A powerhouse when budded, one of the best Mini-flora's by far, a must have....

Dr. Tommy Cairns - New EXCLUSIVE $15.00

Miniature, pink blend, by Frank Benardella/Greenheart farms

A new mini from the great Frank Benardella, this beauty has lovely show form (Tommy calls it an improved Jilly Jewel). Long straight stems against lovely deep green well proportioned foliage... A great tribute to the best rosarian out there!

Hot Lady - New Sold Out


This new Florist HT is a real beauty, high centered, fabulous foliage, will be a top show roses as more grow it, has been in top 3 the last few shows in my area.

Hot Princess Sold Out

HT - 4-6', DP, by Tantau

A must have for the exhibitor, now #4 in the Nations show roses. Deep pink blooms with lovely sprial centers on long stems.

Impulse Sold Out

HT 3-5' florist, Orange, by Tantau

New - Florist rose - Large blooms Orange blooms blending to yellow at the petal base, great show form, long vase life.

Joy Sold Out

Miniature, Pink/White, by David Clemons

A great miniature that throws beautiful sprays and singles from David Clemons. This rose was hard to find as it was difficult to propagate from cuttings, but grows wonderfully when budded.


HT, Yellow, by Thompson, Mike

New Yellow Ht from Mike Thompson

Louise Estes $15.00

HT - 4-6', PB, by Winchel

Large blooms of pink and white make this a real standout in the garden. A must have rose.

Marlon's Day Sold Out

HT 3-5', w, by Wright

A sport of Moonstone, the pink is more pronounced into the petal edging. Great form and is winning many trophies!

Mavrik $15.00

Maiden HT - 4-6', LP, by Edwards

Lovely pink and white spiraled blooms come singly on this tall upright plant. A real show-stopper for exhibition and garden. Eddie's most winning rose in the North central district!

Miss Kitty Sold Out

HT - 3-4', w, by Belendez - Sport

New pure white sport of Cajun Moon from one of the best exhibitors on the west coast, Kitty Belendez. One per customer.

Mohana $15.00

HT, Yellow, by Tantau

Striking new florist rose, with very high pointed centers. Often has a red-edging, reliable show form.

Olivia Rose - New EXCLUSIVE $15.00


Named to honor the memory of Olivia Rose Engel, a beautiful young child taken in the Sandy Hook Tragedy. Olivia loved purple and pink, and this new Lavender Miniature is a tribute to her. A cross of Madame Violet x Heather Sproul, beautiful single blooms and sprays of lavender, that have show form.

Randy Scott Sold Out

HT, White, by Smith

Stunning show rose, long stems, good size, a truly great rose...

Sandy's Pick - New EXCLUSIVE Sold Out

Mini Flora, white with pink, by Frank Benardella/Greenheart Farms

A beautiful new Mini-Flora from Frank Benardella. On a visit to Frank's place, Sandy Lundberg picked this one out of Franks seedlings and thus the name Sandy's Pick! Beautiful show form that holds well.

Sheer Joy -New Exclusive!! Sold Out

Grandiflora, Pink, by Bill Blok

The name really fits this fine rose, bred by Bill Blok of Michigan, a beautiful addition to any garden...

Shug NEW Sold Out

HT, Pink, by Hebert, Tommy

Well formed show blooms on a vigorous plant, new from Tommy Hebert. Photo courtesy of Andrew Hearne (copyright).

Stephen Rulo $15.00

Grandiflora, R, by Chaney

A very lovely rose named for a good friend and superb rosearian. This rose blends tones of Mauve, russet and at times a yellow veining making it a real stunner in the garden. It favors southern California, but grows and blooms well here in WI also. Beautiful sprays and singles.

Tammy Clemons -NEW Sold Out

Miniflora, Red, by Clemons, David

New 2014 AOE winner from David Clemons. Loads of lovey red blooms with great show form, a must have for the exhibitor!!

Twice in a Blue Moon $15.00

HT, M, by Tantau

A fine upright grower that produces loads of lovely intensely fragrant blooms...

Zach Nobles NEW Sold Out

HT, Orange, by Satish, Prabhu (Sport)

New from the garden of Satish Prabhu, Orange sport of Let Freedom Ring! One per customer please!